ARI needs and welcomes volunteers! You are invited to help change the world by being part of a community doing sustainable organic farming and leadership training.  You can help in many ways  such as in farming, cooking, administrative office work, the library, helping participants improve their English speaking skills, and possibly teaching.  It will depend on your gifts, your willingness to learn,  your openness to other cultures, and our needs. 
English (and your heart) along with a good sense of humor are often how we communicate with each other at ARI. There are short term and long term volunteer positions available. At ARI, participants from Japan,  Southeast Asia, Africa, & South America will be working alongside you. It is often hard to determine who benefits most from being at ARI, so come experience ARI for yourself!

Personal stories of past ARI volunteers:
Rachel harvesting mustard plants

* Rachel B.- 2011-2013 Volunteer, Brethren Volunteer Service

Excerpts from Rachel's story: "I was accepted as part of the ARI community, and I strongly felt  that  I  belonged  and  that  each  person  was  important to  the  rest  of  the  group.  To  me,  ARI’s  most  important ministry is people—bringing them together, and modeling a way of life based on kindness and respect. ARI’s mission statement says that their work is ‘rooted in the love of Jesus Christ.’ I found this to be clearly evident on a daily basis, and it is one of the things I miss most from the time I spent living at ARI.

  Although I don’t know where life will lead me next, I’m certain that I will cherish all of the things I’ve learned at ARI, and that they will continue to guide and influence me throughout the rest of my life." Read more...

* Bob & Joyce Ray have volunteered at ARI, 4.5 months in 2010 and 9 weeks in 2013, and continue to support ARI work via editing and document review services. Check their blog  A Song of Japan - ARI Journal

* Dr. Joseph Ozawa   --    ARI experience ’09 – ‘16: 

Excerpt from Joe's story: "Though the differences of cultures, races, ages, religions, and educational levels sometimes create unique challenges, it is the interaction of people who eat, talk, worship, sing, and dance differently, which gives ARI such a unique flavor. " Read More:

* Check out the new Volunteer Video

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