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AFARI is a non-profit organization (501 (c)(3)) registered in the state of Connecticut. In the USA, and for American citizens living anywhere in the world, donations made through AFARI are tax deductible:

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ARI Needs

Study Scholarship for One Participant 
$17,480 would provide one participant a full scholarship for a year.
Travel Costs for One Participant 
$2,000 would provide for travel for one participant from her or his home to ARI and back.
Internet Access 
$115 would provide internet access for the entire campus for one month.

Participants utilize the internet to communicate with their families back home, to read the on-line newspapers in their community and to do research for their studies at ARI.

$100 would provide enough seeds to feed the ARI community of approximately 50 people for an entire month.

Although ARI collects rice and other seeds for planting the following year, for some crops it is much more practical to purchase this critical component of food life.

Diesel for Tractor 
$90 would provide enough diesel fuel to power our tractor for five hours.

To supplement human power, ARI uses its tractor for plowing rice fields and making corn silage. This small amount of diesel is very important yet has become increasingly expensive.

Basic Medicines and Supplies 
$85 would provide equipment and supplies used during health consultations and for emergencies for a month for the entire community.

A nurse comes to ARI weekly, on a voluntary basis, to consult with Participants about their health. She also keeps ARI's small clinic and emergency kits properly supplied.

Community Recreation 
$70 would provide recreational items and excursions for the ARI community for one month.

ARI budgets $70 a month for community recreation which goes to buy guitar strings, ping pong balls and pay for a monthly excursion.

Vaccines for Livestock 
$65 would provide one month's worth of vaccines for all new livestock (approximately 60 pigs and 100 chickens).

Vaccinating chickens and pigs is part of ARI training and critical for healthy animals.

Educational Journals 
$42 would provide an educational journal for the community for an entire year.

ARI subscribes to 17 educational journals for the participants and staff. These supply current information about agriculture, appropriate technology and community development.

Yeast, Sugar and Salt for Bread 
$35 would provide enough yeast, sugar and salt to make bread for the entire ARI community for a week.

ARI grows wheat and receives some in kind donations for flour, but must buy these essential ingredients for making its daily bread.

Morning Gathering Songs 
$30 would provide the community with one month of printing of new songs for Morning Gathering and other events.

Each day the ARI community gathers to pray, to organize, and to sing. Participants bring their own songs to ARI which are printed, sung, and added to ARI's growing music library.

Training Handbooks for Participants 
$15 would provide a Training Handbook for one Participant (45 are needed each year)

The key elements of ARI's training program are distilled into a compact, 100-page Training Handook, which participants use every day.

Resource CDs for Participants 
$15 would provide a Resource CD for one Participant (45 are needed each year)

Classroom lecture notes, participants' final papers, photographs documenting the training program and other materials are compiled on CDs for participants each year.