Here is an article from the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance's Mission Mosaic on Rebuilding ARI in Japan after the Earthquake.

In addition, here are the links to the latest ARI Take My Hand Newsletters and ARI /AFARI brochures.

Take My Hand - Winter 2015

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St. Olaf Students Learn Lesson in Leadership at ARI
... Our experience at ARI helped us grow our knowledge about agriculture and sustainability in Japan. After all, the title of our course was Environmental Sustainability in Japan. Yet the most impactful lesson we learned on this trip had little to do with the environmental directly. Through our experiences, our perspective on leadership and what it means to be a leader transformed. For many of us this guided our goals and actions after we returned home. For all of us, ARI made a lasting impact.  See More...

Voice of This year's participants - Sri Lanka
Mohamed Nawsath Irfana Begam
Irfana works with her sending body WODEPT (Women Organization for Development, Equality, Peace and Temperance) in Puttalam, Sri Lanka to empower women through programs to promote gender balance and respect for human rights. In a place where there are many social inequalities, Irfana and her sending body work toward independent and balanced life for the women in her community. Especially for women, the situation in Irfana’ s community is not always easy. They have to struggle with problems, like being dependent on men, sexual violence, or husbands’ flight from family responsibilities.
... Irfana has had a great deal of work to do, including taking care of her young son and working at WODEPT. She also had to get along with a small budget, but she can handle 
everything with the support she gets. On Saturdays, she is observing “QUAZI COURT,” which is a counselling service where women can speak about their feelings and their mental burdens. After some reflection, the women can decide what kind of protection, or assistance, they would like for their rights.
For the future, Irfana prays that they can root out violence from her community and develop an economy and society in which womens’ potentials are appreciated and fully employed. Since these problems also effect the education and development of children, Irfana hopes that they will also get more protection in the future.   See More...

I learned how we can build networks in agriculture. For example, creating direct sales between producers to consumers from producers, or setting up road-side vending stands. We are all dependent on food, but the present situation is that consumers and producers are isolated from each other. In order to rebuild relationships and also value, we must work to link various fields.”
  Tiliphina-Banenwaki Thomace (Tanzania)
 And there is a lot more great articles in Take My Hand  -  See More...  

Volunteer Video up on YouTube!

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Please enjoy our latest video “Volunteer Voices from ARI.” Long term Volunteers from Japan and the US talk about their impressions and what they have learned during their time at ARI. Of course, we receive volunteers from other countries, too!

ARI Volunteer Video on YouTube Video

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