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Peter Downs: Report of Volunteer Experience at ARI

posted May 3, 2012, 11:27 AM by Craig D. Rice

Peter Downs: Report of Volunteer Experience at ARI

We met Peter Downs at the 2008 HTC Celebration at ARI in October, and he told us about an article he wrote about his experience as a volunteer at ARI in 2005.

An excerpt from his report:

The people I met and worked with were the most memorable part of my visit. At times I was quite overcome by meeting so many beautiful and humble people devoted to the betterment of mankind. The work ethic of the Japanese was evident and was matched by all the volunteers working side by side from the Director on down. This made for a wonderful community spirit! Many of these people could easily acquire better paying and more prestigious jobs in the outside world.

I know this visit will remain in my memory the rest of my life and will be an inspiration to me in my life's mission.

I strongly support the way this mission is carried out. While foreign aid in many cases goes to despotic rulers and ends up in Swiss bank accounts, the aid given to ARI goes not only to ARI in Japan but reaches the grass roots people from those countries who send participants to the program.

Would I go back again? YES!

From the perspective of the participants, I see ARI as a little island of hope in a hostile world run by the most loyal and dedicated people (staff, volunteers, & supporters) that I've had the privilege of knowing. May they continue their devotion to ARI.

For more details, please see Peter's full report.


posted by Craig D. Rice @ Tuesday, November 4, 2008 - 12:49 PM